Tubing Accessories

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  • 12603

    Multi-Purpose Tubing Holder, Latex-Free

    HDPE/Rayon Woven Fabric/Silicone/Velcro®
  • 33042

    Multi Purpose Tubing Holder with Finger Tab

    Velcro, Adhesive Tape
  • 12101

    Open Jaw Slide Clamp with Tubing Holder, Green

    Fits 0.079 inch OD Tubing (2.01 mm)
  • 13700

    Securing Clamp

    Fits 0.25 inch OD Tubing (6.4 mm)
  • 13701

    Securing Clamp

    Fits 0.313 inch OD Tubing (7.9 mm)
  • 13703

    Securing Clamp

    Fits 0.375 inch OD Tubing (9.5 mm)
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