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With over 5,000 in-stock components available off the shelf and an in-house product development team that can work with you on custom products, we can help you with all of your component requirements and get you exactly what you need!

Those looking for unique C-Flex® tubing that’s ideal for a number of applications will find a premium selection at Qosina. We are a leading global supplier of high-quality medical and pharmaceutical components, offering fast delivery and an accurate ordering process for optimum ease and convenience.

While there may be similar tubing on the market, C-Flex® is the original patented tubing designed with thermoplastic elastomer. This tubing type is well-suited for aseptic sealing disconnections and welding connections. It’s also well-suited for sterilization by autoclave and gamma irradiation. This formable, bondable, moldable material is ideal for single-use overmolds, assemblies, bag and tubing manifolds.

Specifications and Uses of C-Flex® Medical Tubing

The C-Flex® options available at Qosina comply with ISO standards, with the tubing rated Class VI. It maintains its flexibility in a wide range of temperatures. Like other specialized tubing we offer, C-Flex® is less permeable than silicone. Its smooth inner bore provides a superior flow of fluids, and the formulation used for creating the material is animal-derived-component free (ADCF).

This lineup of characteristics makes C-Flex® a practical choice for a variety of applications. These include operations that involve purification and cell cultures, along with media and buffer preparation. Diagnostic products are often used in conjunction with this type of tubing, as are high-purity water systems.

Browse a Wide Selection of Tubing with Qosina

With more than 5,000 components, Qosina strives to meet the needs of those in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, specifically device manufacturers and kit packers. Our inventory management solutions, engineering services and custom products are designed for an audience consisting of engineering customers creating small-volume prototypes and supply chain managers purchasing production quantities. Free product development consulting is also available.

C-Flex® tubing is one of many trademarked products from large medical manufacturers we distribute. Feel free to browse the selection of C-Flex® and other tubing types available and place your order today.