Your Supply Chain Management Outsource Partner

For more than 40 years, Qosina has been a trusted supply chain management outsource partner delivering a high service level to our customers and demonstrating business continuity through efficient supply chain management, demand planning, forecasting and inventories. We also ensure consistent quality through careful oversight of the supply chain.

Since changes are inevitable, Qosina has an established change notification process and built-in SOPs for change control. We notify and manage changes with an understanding of our customers working in regulated industries, including traceable and segregated inventories and last-time buy options.

Let us help you successfully plan and manage your component supply requirements.

Reduce inventory costs and take advantage of volume pricing!

Qosina offers immediate delivery from our vast inventory, allowing you to reduce your inventory levels and warehousing costs while taking advantage of volume pricing at the same time. We will work with you to plan out your projected inventory needs and can release your parts as you need them through a blanket order agreement.

Minimize inventory investment

Qosina works with you to deliver components as they are needed. This reduces the required amount of storage space at your facility, lowers your overall inventory investment and helps ensure a more efficient supply chain.

  • Get quick turnaround
  • Shorten production lead time
  • Increase production space
  • Improve the agility of your business
  • Reduce your inventory write-offs
  • Respond to unpredictable customer demands

Single source or second source? Qosina can be both.

With a diverse and extensive supply chain, Qosina can offer you multiple options of equivalent products to meet your requirements. With more than 5,000 stock components in our inventory, we can specify pre-defined alternative components in the event an existing component becomes unavailable.

Let us put our supply chain expertise to work for you!

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