Pinch Clamps — Qosina’s New Selection of PBT Clamps

Qosina has a new selection of economical pinch clamps made from polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), an alternative to nylon that is used in the manufacture of many types of single-use components. PBT is a semi-crystalline material with excellent chemical resistance, mechanical stiffness, outstanding electrical properties (high dielectric strength and insulation resistance) and heat resistance combined.


  • Easy, one-handed closure—no tools needed
  • Materials meet USP Class VI and ISO 10993 criteria
  • Tamper-evident with zip-tie options available
  • Fit tubing dimensions of various ODs ranging from 0.059 inch (1.5mm) to 0.75 inch (19mm)
  • Gamma and autoclave compatible
  • Audible clicks when securely connected
  • Color-coded to distinguish between different fluid lines
  • Economical way to shut flow on and off
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Item PNColorMeasurementMaterial
25659 White Fits 0.75 inch OD Tubing (19.1 mm) PBT
25152 Yellow Fits 0.75 inch OD Tubing (19.1mm) PBT
25153 Black Fits 0.75 inch OD Tubing (19.1mm) PBT
25154 Red Fits 0.75 inch OD Tubing (19.1mm) PBT
25155 Green Fits 0.75 inch OD Tubing (19.1mm) PBT
25156 Blue Fits 0.75 inch OD Tubing (19.1mm) PBT

Qosina has doubled its portfolio of pinch clamps and now offers more than 125 options available in various colors and sizes, styles, and materials. Need help finding the ideal pinch clamp for your application?

Here are a few tips to help you in selecting the right pinch clamp for your needs:

  1. Measure the actual outside diameter (OD) of the hose and select the nominal size clamp nearest to that size, but always larger than the OD of the hose.
  2. Check the shore hardness of the tubing as well as the wall thickness to select the right clamp material.
  3. What is the sterilization process for these clamps? Most of the materials are compatible with EtO sterilization, but not at the same time as Gamma, E-beam or autoclave. Always remember to check the compliance of the clamp’s raw material with your sterilization method to avoid any issues at the end of your validation process.
  4. Color range is another important factor. If your design requires multiple clamps, it is best to check that component is available in different colors (not just one or two), as this will shorten the validation time and all clamps will be manufactured in the same raw material.
  5. It is important to verify that your selection complies with all regulations and standards. Qosina’s website enables you to instantly download technical data sheets, REACH and RoHS compliance statements, SDS and other regulatory and safety documentation. Downloadable 3D CAD models are available on most of our products.

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