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ISO 80369-3 ENFit®

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  • 40074

    Male ENFit® Connector, Purple

    Fits 0.093 inch OD Tubing (2.6 mm)
  • 40070

    Female ENFit® Connector, Purple

    Fits 0.118 inch OD Tubing (3 mm)
  • 40093

    Y Connector, Male ENFit® Sideport with Cap on Strap

    Fits 0.157 inch OD Tubing (4 mm)
  • 40092

    Male ENFit® Connector, Cap on Strap

    Fits 0.157 inch OD Tubing (4 mm)
  • 40091

    Female ENFit® Connector, Cap on Strap

    Fits 0.157 inch OD Tubing (4 mm)
  • 40094

    ENPlus Cross Spike, Non-Vented with Vented Cap

    Fits 0.157 inch OD Tubing (4 mm)
  • 40027

    Female ENFit® Connector

    Fits 0.157 inch OD Tubing (4 mm)
  • 40001

    3-Way Stopcock, Male ENFit®

    Tubing Ports Fit 0.157 inch OD Tubing (4 mm)
  • 40002

    3-Way Stopcock, Tubing Ports, Male ENFit® with Cap on Strap

    Tubing Ports Fit 0.157 inch OD Tubing (4 mm)
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With over 5,000 in-stock components available off the shelf and an in-house product development team that can work with you on custom products, we can help you with all of your component requirements and get you exactly what you need!

ISO 80369-3 ENFit®  Connectors

Qosina offers a wide variety of ENFit®  male and female connectors, caps, stepped adapters, Y connectors, stopcocks and syringes, as well as the ENFit to ENLock adapters, ENPlus cross spikes and universal bottle adapters for the ENPlus cross spike. All ENFit®  components are available for immediate delivery.

The Qosina Full-Line Catalog contains OEM medical device component supplies and features full-scale photographs of thousands of stock components on a one-centimeter grid. Qosina offers low minimums and short lead times on ENFit®  components for single-use systems.

New Enteral Feeding Connectors for Single-Use Systems

Enteral is the first clinical application to make the transition to new, safer connectors. The New Enteral Feeding Connectors have been designed to improve patient safety and reduce the risk of enteral feeding misconnections. The new standard has changed the configuration of the male and female connectors. These enteral connectors are larger and will not allow connectivity with the male luer or female luer connectors that meet the ISO 594 standards or any other connectors for any other clinical use. Administration sets and syringes have a female connector end that fit into a male patient-access feeding tube port.

The Global Enteral Device Suppliers Association ( was formed to facilitate the transition to the new type of connectors and has created the brand ENFit to represent the new ISO 80369-3 standard. Qosina is actively researching the upcoming changes and is a member of GEDSA. Qosina will be adding compliant components to its extensive line as the standards become approved.