Applicators, Swabs & Brushes

The applicators, swabs and brushes collection at Qosina is unmatched. From medical swabs to instrument brushes to cosmetic and medical applicators of all sizes and shapes, we’ve got a huge inventory of single-use products ready to ship to you.

Calling All Swabs and Applicators

Whatever your application needs, our vast inventory of applicators, swabs and brushes likely has it. From non-sterile swabs in a variety of tips and sizes, to medical applicators like sponges on sticks and swabs, to a comprehensive array of spatulas, both medical and nonmedical businesses will find myriad uses for our instrument brushes and product applicators. We carry large cotton swabs, alternative rayon balls and virtually every type of swab that medical, cosmetic and electronic customers could need, including sample assortments.

Plus, if there’s a particular medical swab you don’t see in our catalog, contact us about sourcing your ideal product or recommending a similar product to sample.

Clean It Up

Our collection also includes a wide selection of sanitizing supplies, wipes and cleaning pads in addition to our medicine applicators. Whether you need alcohol prep pads, alcohol-free antiseptic towelettes, hand sanitizer or professional-grade surface disinfectant, we can help your team clean up.

Try Us On

Qosina stocks thousands of medical and cosmetic applicators and OEM components in our 95,000-square-foot facility in New York State. Our mission is to further innovation by providing high-quality disposable components to businesses in the medical, biological, chemical, pharmaceutical, optical, electronic, industrial, cosmetic and dermatological industries. Register with us for free today to access our entire 500-plus-page catalog.

We offer free samples of most of our medical swabs, applicators and brushes, so you can make sure they’ll meet your needs. We also have a low minimum order requirement and can arrange blanket orders that help you meet quantity discounts on products, and we’ll ship according to your schedule. Let us help your business reach its potential — no matter its size — with our huge in-stock inventory, excellent customer service and wide range of downloadable product resources, from MSDS sheets to 3D CAD models.